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Seven Activities To Do with Your Baby Newborn Outside of the House

Posted on November 04 2016

It's time to get out of the house. Here's Seven Activities to do with your Baby Newborn Outside of the House.

Do you have Newborn Baby Cabin Fever?  Here are some of the symptoms:

  • Have you organized every nook and cranny of your house?
  • Have you tried every new recipe in all those old cookbooks you've never read before?
  • Have you binged watched all seven seasons of Walking Dead and Gilmore Girls on Netflix
  • Is all your laundry done? Folded. Perfectly and you're ready for more?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you are experiencing Newborn Baby Cabin Fever, and please know, you are not alone. 

Though many people say that newborns need to be kept inside the house for the first few months, it simply isn't true. As a mommy, it is so possible for you to get out into the community with your newborn.  Of course, always ask a professional, like your physician, what they think if you have any ounces of doubt.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It is full of joy, wonder, and hard-work. But, it does not require you to be a shut-in-lost-to-a-world-of-Netflix, baby bottles, and diapers. You can see the world and still be a good mom (just ask epic traveler and mommy Sacagawea).

Now, of course, venturing out into town with your newborn is going to be harder than when you were single, but you can do hard things, because come on, you just birthed a baby!

Before going out, load up your diaper bag with everything you could need. Blanket, milk, diapers, and wipes. You could even keep an emergency bag of these things in the car. Then, the adventure is up to you! Here are seven things to do with your new baby outside of the house.

It's time to get out of the house. Here's Seven Activities to do with your Baby Newborn Outside of the House.

1. Venture to a coffee shop. Coffee is a luxury, so why not treat yourself to a hand-crafted brew? Also, coffee shops are perfect for babies to sleep in carriers or to be rocked in a comfy chair. Really, a coffee shop feels cozy and warm, so it is a good place to start. Consult your doc if you aren't sure about drinking coffee while breastfeeding.  If you are just wondering what others have to say there's lots of forums like on Baby Center that have related tips on this.

2. Have picnic at the park.  Breastfeeding at home can be a trap in the dark. Vitamin D is super important for happy mood, breast milk, regulating immune system, and especially while breastfeeding.  So take baby and have a picnic while you lay out at a park.  We don't mean lay out and get burnt...just set up your sun shade or find some trees and while baby is all protected from the sun, you can enjoy a little warmth and breeze, peace and quiet.  A playground with a lawn is also a great spot for laying out a cozy big blanket and spending quality time with baby.  Wear your easy to nurse in tops like the ones from Bun Maternity so the bonding and breastfeeding doesn't have to stop while you are out in public. 

Breastfeeding in public. Mom nurses baby in public in the park.  Bonding with baby wearing a Bun Maternity nursing tank top.

3. Go for a walk. Nature is refreshing, and if it's warm enough, it is time to break out the stroller and take your little one for a walk. Brew yourself some tea or coffee, and take your significant other on a walk-date. The wind in the trees and crickets chirping in the thicket make for a really romantic evening.  If you are near a beach walk path there's nothing like that soothing ocean sound to relax your mind and baby.  Plus, you get a little exercise. 

4. Visit your local farmer's market. It is less stressful than the grocery store, and is usually outside. Pack up the stroller and saunter through stalls of fresh fruit, cheeses, and salsas. The greatest thing about farmer's markets is that you don't have to buy anything, but you get to eat a lot of free samples! Pick up a bunch of locally grown flowers, some lactation boosting nuts, and a treat to eat on the spot.  It is a fun and stress free experience! This are some of our favorite farmers markets in Santa Monica, Ca. 

5. Meander through your local art museum. Lots of museums are free at certain times, free for kids, and military families.  Quiet and calming, museums are a perfect place to take you newborn. He or she won't be woken up by sudden noises, and you get to browse the history of art in clean-cut rooms. You could even dress up in a savvy breastfeeding nursing dress and make it a date!  If you are in Los Angeles, The Broad is new and pretty amazing.  LACMA and the Natural History Museum, which has a great huge lawn to lay a blanket on and relax, are other good ventures.  

6. Have a movie night with other moms. Though going to the movie theater is difficult right now, you don't have to miss out on the theater experience. Simply call up those fellow mom compatriots of yours and meet at a friend's house for a showing. Make it fun by buying popcorn, candy, and soda. When a baby needs a feeding, you can simply pause the movie, and get back to it later. If you are with other moms, they will completely understand, and you will not feel like an interruption at all.  This is much needed for social time, friends time, girl time...something you'll be happy to get a bit of.

7. Take a sunset drive. Though you can't stay up late in restaurants or bars, you can drive to an open field, the beach, or anywhere with a nice view, and sit on the trunk of your car and watch the sunset. Precious baby could be held or sleep peacefully in his/her car seat, as you will only be a few feet away. Bring some sandwiches and goodies to snack on, and breathe in the beauty of another successful day of motherhood.

Happy exploring! You can do it, because you are amazing!