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At Bun we live to style moms and moms-to-be with lifestyle inspired clothing that transitions beautifully through the many stages of mamahood.  The double function and versatility of each design allows a busy mom to go about her day, seamlessly and discreetly incorporating breastfeeding easily at anytime.  


Our mission is being true to keeping Bun locally made in USA with mostly USA knitted fabric with your style and comfort thoughtfully in mind. This is a really big deal as a value-driven, committed to people and our community Company....and we are so proud to say that we can bring you quality & passion-driven goods that haven't traveled very far to get from our doorsteps to yours. This impacts giving back to our community and in how we deliver honest, responsible, and super adorable products that benefits joyful bonding between mommies and babies everywhere.





Bun is more than awesome nursing apparel. Bun Maternity is about supporting breastfeeding and a woman's right to feed her baby anytime and anywhere.  Even though normalizing breastfeeding in our society may be challenging, the more that women can feel comfortable nursing in the open helps to spread an awareness of the natural benefits of mind, body, and soul that breastfeeding offers. So feed when you need and wear Bun proud!