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 For the Love of Soft Clothing and Keeping it USA Culture nice is it to feel comfortable, and like you can move, and do anything that comes your way!  Okay, not always, but we strive to bring that energy to you with lifestyle inspired pieces that allow a bit more ease and comfort into our days that are usually filled with so much sweetness, yet enough spice that keeps us on our toes and top knots going 24/7.

At Bun, we're obsessed with styling all you mamas and moms to be, and our focus is to make beautifully casual and moveable nursing clothes that you can wear during bump to baby, and yep, well beyond so your wardrobe lasts!  

Always completely real mom tested and approved, Bun's delicious cotton nursing tanks and tops have passed all the wearing cycles in order to become your most "lived in" pieces that look chic, yet remain smart.  The all-day double function, versatility, and minimalism of each Bun clothing design allows a busy bee to nurse her baby while going from errands, work, play date, to social soiree.  

 Bun celebrates the story... the journey of becoming a mom, breastfeeding, to post pregnancy, and even when the years have gone by, you can still wear Bun and reflect on these incredible past moments.





Moms with baby wearing Bun Maternity nursing tops and clothing

Bun Maternity is a fully woman owned and run Company that is designed, cut, sewn, and proudly crafted in the heart of Los Angeles, California.  With a mom behind it all, Bun truly signifies what we need in our lives when it comes to comfort, functionality, and without ever sacrificing style and American made quality. Our mission is being true to keeping Bun locally made in USA with mostly USA knitted fabric with your style and comfort thoughtfully in mind.

This is a really big deal as a value-driven, committed to people and our community Company....and we are so proud to say that we can bring you quality & passion-driven goods that haven't traveled very far to get from the Bun Maternity doorstep to yours.

This impacts giving back to our community and in how we deliver honest, responsible, and super adorable maternity to nursing tops that benefits joyful bonding between mommies and babies everywhere.


Mom breastfeeding newborn baby in park 




Bun is much more than awesome quality nursing clothing. Bun Maternity is about supporting breastfeeding and a woman's right to feed her baby anytime and anywhere.  We hope to inspire you to breastfeed with your head held high, because sometimes even the toughest of us need it.  

Though normalizing breastfeeding in our society may be challenging, the more that women can feel comfortable nursing in the open helps to spread an awareness of the natural benefits of mind, body, and soul that breastfeeding offers to all those that see it.

So feed when you need, and wear Bun proud!


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