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California coast inspired, BUN designs don't scream "nursing top" or mumu, but rather focuses on simplicity in high-quality basics for all day mom life. So easy-going nursing tanks that last for years, soft hoodies with discreet access, and rad graphic tees that make getting dressed a breeze....has been an essential mom uniform staple. Mom Made & Mindfully Made in Sunny Los Angeles, CA USA. Thank you for being part of the change.


Apparel is one of the major world polluters, and we're taking steps to making a change to that. Practicing eco-consciousness is a core value in creating Bun, minimizing waste and footprints to make a better future for our babies.

Sustainability at Bun

The BUN in Us.

Motherhood is totally Beautiful, Unique, and Naturally...You!

We are all in this together mama, but this is also your own journey unlike any other. Do what you do and know that you've got this. You are enough.