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6 Easy DIY Homemade Classic Mocktails

Posted on October 01 2022

Being pregnant is exciting but watching others have a blast while they sip on their martinis can be a bit of a drag! So we came up with a list of easy mocktails that can be made at home with everyday ingredients, or for you to order next time you’re out with peeps!

These are also great to use when you haven’t shared the news yet and want to keep your secret without having others wondering! 


  • Fake a Mimosa. Have a cherry at the bottom and add OJ with soda water, super refreshing and classy! You can replace the OJ with cranberry juice, garnish with a lemon or lime and have yourself a virgin Kir Royal.  


  • Who doesn’t love a classic Cosmopolitan? Have some organic cranberry juice with a little bit of water, tangerine juice or mandarin orange juice, and add fresh lime juice.  Give it a good shake.  Garnish the rim with a lime and no one will ever know the difference. 


  • Pina Coladas! These are so festive and flavorful. Grab some coconut milk, coconut water, and 100% pure pineapple juice.  Do half and half with the coconut milk and water and add the same amount for pineapple juice. Blend in a few ice cubes, pineapple chucks, and give it a sweet boost with a fully ripe banana.  Make sure you use super ripe fruit to add the sweetness.  Pour in a fancy glass, add an umbrella straw, and garnish with real pineapple, cherry, and if you are only sipping one or two add a grenadine float to the top and make it a virgin lava flow. This is a crowd pleaser so be sure to share!

  • NonVodka Cran.  This is the lightest drink of the bunch.  I like to mix half soda water with half cranberry juice, adding cherries and limes to make it look fancy. 


  • My FAVORITE is the virgin Michelada. Have some Organic Bloody Mary mix, limes, and soda water in a chilled pint glass, over ice and a spicy salted rim! I love to have mine spicy but beware for that naughty heartburn!!! 


  • Second favorite! The virgin Bloody Mary.  What I love about this drink is all the great garnishes you can add and snack on while you are pretending to catch a little buzz! Simply pour tomato juice spiced up with worcestershire, pepper, skip the salt, dash of tabasco, and a squeeze of lime.  Garnish with celery, olives, bacon, shrimp, pickled beans, or pretty much whatever your heart desires! Make it a fun vege salad on top! 

Having a mocktail is even more fun when you have interesting glassware or garnishes to play around with.  We love the plastic wine glasses from Govino.

If you make your drink "pretty" it will make your cocktail turned mocktail into that much more fun.  You may even find yourself taking some pictures for your Pinterest page and it especially does feel nice to be holding on to a drink with everyone else. 

Get creative and add flowers in ice cubes, really pretty patterned straws, or delicious fresh fruit garnishes to snack on with your drink. So go on mama...enjoy a drink or three!