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Breastmilk Facial Recipe. Don't Waste your Breastmilk and try these Beauty Tips.

Yes, breast milk is being touted as the new face cream, botox, exfoliator, anti aging, acne curing, wonder beauty treatment!  Read on to see why it could work for you.

If you are a new mom or a new mom to be and you are lucky enough to have an abundant breast milk supply, your baby might be fed well and you may be wondering what to do with this extra breast milk. Expired breast milk can also seem like a waste but there are things you can do with your breast milk so it is not wasted.

Here is some great news, you can both revive and survive during those first few months or even years of feeding your baby by using your breast milk to stay fresh-faced and feeling beautiful. We are not the only ones that think we are on to something when it comes to using breast milk for beauty, in fact, there are now beauty salons in New York and across the country that offer baby milk facials, yep breast milk facials!

If using someone else's breast milk makes you feel uncomfortable we have some tips to help you do it yourself from the comfort of your home.

Breastmilk Beauty Secrets

It makes perfect sense that breast milk can be good for not just your baby but for you and your skin. This is because breast milk is calming, antimicrobial and antiseptic, it also has a ton of lauric acid which is a super power when it comes to clear, healthy skin.

So how should you use this wonderful skin care that your own body is making, here are some great ideas!

  • Eczema - If you suffer from eczema or your baby does, breast milk is great at clearing it up. This comes back to the antiseptic, antimicrobial and calming powers. Use room temperature milk and rub it into the affected areas.
  • Cleanser - To use your breast milk as a cleanser, grab some out of the fridge. Apply it to your face and chest and let it soak in for 5 minutes. Place some warm water on your fingertips and gently rub in a circular motion, rinse off the milk. Your skin will feel super soft.
  • Mask- You will need to purchase an extra product to get a really good breast milk mask that works well. Bentonite Clay is available from most health stores or online. Mix the clay with your breast milk till you get a thick but spreadable paste. Apply the paste to your face and let dry. Once the mask is dry leave it on the face for 10-15 minutes then wash off. You can do this once or twice a week to help draw out impurities and calm irritated skin.
  • Anti Inflammatory Moisture Mask - Honey, Coconut Oil, Tumeric, and Breast Milk
  • Lotion - Breast milk and mix with your favorite lotion for face or body.  Add hyaluronic acid for the ultimate moisture bomb.
  • Beautiful Face Exfoliant - Mix your breast milk with fresh lemon juice and natural fine granulated sugar to a nice paste thickness, and gently use this to slough off dead skin on your face and decollete.  Do this twice a week.  Doing this in the shower is a time saver.
  • Skin Cream - This cream is great if you have acne or rosacea. The lauric acid and antibacterial properties can help clear up acne naturally without harsh chemicals. Apply warm water to your face then rub the breast milk into your skin in a circular motion and let it air dry. If it feels sticky you will want to mix it with a little more water.
  • Sunburn Healing Milk - If you happen to get a sunburn while you are breastfeeding you are in luck. The natural antibodies in the milk will help soothe and heal the sunburn. All you need to do is gently rub the milk into your skin. For a little extra relief, use chilled breast milk.
  • Moisturizer - To make a super power moisturizer you will need to add a couple of easy to find ingredients. Purchase some grape seed oil and essential oils. Frankincense, rose hip, and ylang-ylang are great oils to try if you are looking for anti-aging properties. If you are looking for acne fighting power try adding a drop of tea tree oil to your mix. Blend the ingredients together and rub onto your skin. Try to blend the ingredients fresh each time for best results.If you don't have these ingredients, try gently rubbing the milk alone into your skin for 1-2 weeks and see how it works.

As you can see breast milk can replace a lot of items in your beauty cabinet. If it works as well for you as it has for other moms, you can worry less about wasting your milk!

Other Uses for Breast Milk

Aside from your beauty routine breast milk can also be used in other ways. Be sure to check with your health professional before trying these treatments.

  • Eye Treatment - Breast milk is great for conjunctivitis. If your baby gets conjunctivitis or pink eye, breast milk can be a good treatment, check with the Dr first.
  • Sore Throats - If you have a sore throat try gargling with breast milk, the antibacterial properties can help soothe the throat and fight off any germs.
  • Ear Treatment - If you or your baby get an ear infection while you are breastfeeding try using 2-3 drops of breast milk in the ear. The milk can help fight off the infection.

Learning more about Breast Milk and its Benefits

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