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Delicious Blueberry Based Lactation Smoothie that Isn't Fattening

Posted on September 02 2016

Low Fat Blueberry Boobie Smoothie Recipe for increasing Your Milk Supply

There are tons of lactation smoothie recipes out there.  Things all claiming to boost milk supply and many promoting supplements, herbs, and actual products that are said "lactation" boosters.

You CAN also boost your milk supply with what is in your very own kitchen and readily available in the produce isle of your local grocery store.

Now with all that said...remember to ask your doctor before grabbing that Vitamix and making all these smoothies and such.  You've heard it before, but consult a specialist before making dietary changes.  

Now lets's get started with this yumminess!

So extra calories ARE in fact needed when you are a nursing mom.  How do you stay fit without gaining extra weight?  

Well nursing alone is gonna burn calories! Score!! Oreos and ice cream here we come. Nope. Stop-right-there.  That's what's gonna pack on the pounds, and not in a good way.  

While we absolutely love to indulge (pizza and ice cream like we wish all the time) it is important to moderate what type of calories are being consumed.  If you want to indulge then go for it.  Make it a treat.  Add in a stroller walk and make that treat earlier in the day if you can.  Once a week cheat days aren't going to demolish your maintenance program, but be aware of your activity level in order to balance out what you're eating.

Your nursing journey, whether it be short or extended, will partially be made easier due to your diet and with a good diet comes increased energy.  

A well hydrated body is at an advantage in producing milk.  Keep water nearby when you are nursing and incorporate it whenever you can.  You don't need to run a faucet over your mouth to stay hydrated...just consume enough to quench your thirst and replace fluids lost by the increased effort from nursing.  Coconut water (like in this recipe) is an ultimate hydrating and electrolyte monster.  Set a timer if you need to remember to drink water.

Organic fresh fruits and greens will also be important when eating as a nursing or pumping mom.  Wash or blanch your produce as needed.  Keep up this clean eating and you are well on your way to consuming the needed calories to boost your milk supply without packing on fat and empty calories.  

Organic produce, if you can, will taste full flavored and make the best smoothies since you can blend in the skin and avoid nasty pesticides and waxes that are common on non-organic fruits and veges.

The blender.  This is pretty essential in making your smoothie go from a two to a ten.  Suggestions:  Vitamix or Nutri Bullet PRO, or something super close to it.  Once you try one of these intense motor bad boys you will be using your smoothie maker for baby food, juices, smoothies, and soups.  

It makes A LOT of difference.  Why?  It will break down the whole foods/fruits/veges and get those good enzymes and juices out into a smooth drinkable drink.  If you don't have a power mixer like these you might be drinking a really thick and grainy concoction and that could be the end of you wanting another smoothie again.  It's a very good investment!

The trick to a tasty non-bland smoothie is the fresh ingredients, balance of fresh and frozen, and add ins like oatmeal, nut butters, or mineral rich brewer's yeast.  It takes more than the fruit to make the flavor rich and the texture on point.  

Order of Ingredients.  We're almost there guys...but don't miss out on the order in which you place your ingredients in your bullet mixer.  Spinach/greens first.  Then frozen fruit. Then fresh fruit. Top with butters and powders.  Fill before the Max line with your mix of liquids.  This makes the smoothest drink and allows your mixer to work efficiently.

Low Fat and Delicious Blueberry Based Boobie Smoothie Recipe for Increasing Milk Supply

This blueberry smoothie calls for a little of everything so measure what you like and find the balance that works for you.  Equal parts of all the fruits works well and frozen bananas and blueberries make the smoothie cold and refreshing.  This is what you want so freeze those fruits when ripe.  Extra blueberries make this recipe elevated.  Elevated in rich vitamins and superfood powers.

Here's the recipe.  Test the ingredients out as some may or may not work for you. Add and substitute as you like.  Consult your doc first before adding this to your diet.
Delicious Blueberry Based Healthy Lactation Smoothie for Nursing Mothers
  • Spinach - Rich in folate and iron which is excellent for moms and moms to be
  • Pineapple - Add a few fresh chunks; rich in bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Check with your doc about sugar levels if need be.
  • Banana - Adds potassium and calcium as well as creates thickness to your drink
  • Blueberries - Adding a superfood is important to all meals. Here you go.
  • Coconut Water - Gluten, Fat, and Cholesterol Free.  This is a great option than fruit juice to add as the liquid to your drink.  It has naturally occurring electrolytes. The taste will be incredibly mild so don't worry about any intense coconut flavor in the smoothie.
  • Almond Milk - Nuts are said to be milk boosting.  Use organic and vanilla flavor for that sweet touch.  This is low cal and low fat.  Try hemp, coconut, or rice milk as other alternatives.
  • Brewer's Yeast - 1 tablespoon.  A nutritional supplement, said to have many benefits including increasing energy and when you are nursing you need all the energy you can get.


Blend in your Nutri Bullet PRO in the order recommended for about 45 seconds.  Now enjoy!

Delicious and Non Fattening Blueberry Milk Boosting Lactation Smoothie

Smoothies are a perfect way to start the day.  Be aware of adding more fruit juices or milk.  These add more sugar and calories.  Like mentioned, you need to be eating and consuming more calories but stick with clean foods so the calories your consume are nutrient dense and purposeful.  

Your body will love utilizing all the delicious, healthy super foods you are eating to all its' potential in increasing your energy and....milk supply! 

Apply this recipe to many more by switching the ingredients around and discovering more flavors. 

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