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When Will I be Able to Feel my Baby Kick?

Posted on April 13 2018


When will I Feel my Baby Kick?

You're still glowing from the news that you're pregnant, marveling at the exciting and life-changing miracle that's occurring in your body. Naturally, you've got lots of questions, and one of them is likely to be "When will I feel that first kick from my baby?"


Signs of Life

So have you, or did you, find yourself trying to notice any movement in the beginning of your pregnancy?  Most mamas do, and that first little flutter is like a crazy feeling and gives a sense of relief, peace, and excitement. 

That first faint "kick" from baby may feel a little like a ripple or a butterfly in your burgeoning belly, and you could feel it as early as 13 weeks after the start of your last menstrual period. If this is your first baby, however, it probably won't be until around 18-20 weeks from the start of your last period. So stay patient mama!  The movements will come and baby will move when he/she feels like moving.  Don't compare yourself to others, but five months is a good average to when you should notice moving.

The medical term for baby's first movement in the womb is called "quickening". It's an exciting moment, and as the movement grows stronger, you'll probably want to grab your husband's hand and place it on your abdomen so that he can share in the experience, too!

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby's kicks will be more obvious, and your tummy will "move" with the baby. There will be some good karate style chops in there! You may even be able to discern the shape of your baby's little heel or adorable baby booty as he kicks and moves around! Why is baby moving? Well, he's stretching and flexing, rolling and maybe even moving in response to sound, food you're eating, or in "protest" of a position you're in that he finds uncomfortable.  Don't worry, baby is super cushioned in there in his amniotic sac, so something like bending over won't cause any harm to him. 

Bear in mind that the dates listed above are approximate. Everyone is different, and has different body types, but you'll most likely feel unmistakable movement by the time you're five months pregnant. You're most likely to notice the baby move when you're quiet yourself -- resting in bed or watching TV, for example. If you're moving around all day you may miss noticing movements.  You might also notice more movement after you've had a snack since the increased blood sugar in your system can give her a little "rush" of energy! 


hands touching belly to feel baby move

Everyone will love to touch your belly, hoping to feel your baby moving!


Movement in the Third Trimester

By the beginning of the third trimester of your pregnancy, you'll probably be seeing a pattern of movement from your baby. You'll get to know when he's awake and active and when he's napping. He'll probably be pretty active in general -- that is until he's so big that he starts to have less room in which to move around.

It's a good idea to chart your baby's movements, aka kick count, during the third trimester so that you can note how many times a day he tends to move, and when his movement begins to slow down a bit. This is especially important since you want to make sure he's still moving, even if it's a little less frequently, right through until his birthday arrives.  You will want to notice ten movements within an hour, and you can do this anytime and anywhere.  If you're home, try drinking a cold glass of water and laying on your left side, and just notice about ten movements in the next hour. 

Trust your gut and call the doc if you don't notice any movements and you feel something is off.  From experience, my baby was very quiet during the morning but woke up once I started going about my day.  They have their "sleep" schedules too, but even so, baby still will move around while sleeping. 


Pregnant mom sitting and feeling her baby move inside her belly

Mom to be sitting and feeling baby roll around in her belly. She's wearing the Fuchsia Orchid Ribbed Snap Maternity Nursing Tank Top.


Baby's First "Picture"

Your first ultrasound (aka "sonogram") session will allow you to (sort of) see a really fuzzy "picture" of your baby inside your womb, as well as observe and hear his little heart beating. This initial ultrasound is typically performed around 6-8 weeks into your pregnancy.

Somewhere around 13 weeks in, your second ultrasound will give you a clearer view of your baby, who's been growing and developing since that first ultrasound. And while the initial test is via a "wand" inserted into your vagina, this second test will involve a flat wand that's moved over your belly, with the help of a little lubricant.

If you're lucky enough to have access to a facility with a high-definition sonogram machine, you may even be able to get pictures with 3-D photographic-quality details!

Your second-trimester anatomy ultrasound (performed at around 20 weeks) will show you your baby in much greater detail, and you should feel free to ask the technician to point out organs and details if you're not sure exactly what you're looking at. This is the time when fingers and toes can be counted by an experienced technician who can also tell -- with 95% accuracy -- what sex your little one is, so it's typically an awe-inspiring experience!


Making Plans

By now, you've probably begun to collect all of the things you'll need to take care of your new baby ... a crib, a car seat, a changing table, basics like diapers and "onesies", etc. You'll also know by now whether or not you'd like to breastfeed, and if you're going to nurse, you've probably been doing some reading up on the subject and maybe attending some Lamaze classes to prepare. If you haven't also taken your nursing wardrobe into consideration, be sure to stock up on game changing nursing fashions. These mom musts include tank tops, tee shirts, hoodies, and sweaters! All are designed to make nursing your baby a breeze and eliminate having to bunch up your top and keep it off of your baby's nose as he nurses, making both of you comfy and cozy as you bond through the breastfeeding experience! Now you'll actually be able to see your baby move while she's in your arms! Just another of the joys of being a brand-new Mommy!


Mother breastfeeding baby boy in cradle position

Mom breastfeeds her new baby boy in the cradle position while wearing the Cozy Nursing Hoodie