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Sex Tips to Keep It Steamy During the Third Trimester

Posted on October 01 2022

Many couples give up on third-trimester sex. They think there's no way to keep it steamy in the bedroom with all the physical and emotional changes going on.

It's just not true.

Sex can be just as awesome in the third trimester as it was before you got pregnant. Keep reading and get ready to have your mind blown with great sex hacks!

How the Steamy Sex Went Away, to Begin with!

Your sex drive naturally fades in the third trimester. Sometimes way sooner.  Here are some reasons why...

  • Increased vaginal discomfort
  • Leaky breasts from Colostrum secretions
  • Fear of causing early labor
  • Anxiety over the labor pain that's soon to come
  • Physical changes (added weight, "cankles", back pain, and fatigue)
  • You feel like you always have to pee
  • Pressure from the baby dropping down into the pelvis
  • your husband is scared he will hurt the baby!

The struggle is real but not only for you. Your partner might not be too keen on having sex either.  It definitely goes both ways. 

Men are sometimes afraid they'll hurt the baby during sex. Another issue men face is they start seeing you as a mother rather than a partner. This tames their libido in the same way yours is tamed by your pregnant body.

The best thing you both can do is be prepared by knowing what's changed about your body. We've alluded to this above and we'll talk about it more during this article.

Top Sex Hack: More Foreplay Please...

What better way to combat a reduced sex drive than to ratchet up the foreplay?

It takes longer to get into the mood during the third trimester. But if the two of you put each other's needs first and remain patient, steamy sex is sure to follow.

Start by making the experience something special.

Remember those early romantic days? Take the time and plan a little.

Wear something nice, light some candles, and make sure he brings home flowers, chocolate, or a delicious dessert.

Call in dinner so neither of you has to cook and you don't have to leave the house. (Besides, none of your heels fit anyway.)

Retire to the bedroom after dessert but don't feel rushed to "get it on". Start slow and use the power of touch to build the intensity.

Grab your favorite massage oil and take turns pampering each other. Let one thing lead to another.  Massage is such a great way to build relaxation and get closer. 

Also remember, making out isn't just for teenagers.

He likes your nipples but you're both worried. They leak a little and they're sensitive as all get out.

Tell him to get to work. You may jump back at first, but hang in there. In a few weeks, someone else will be tugging on them so consider this practice.

If nothing else, the chemicals released by nipple stimulation help reshape your uterus. Pre-baby body, here we come!

By now, you've gotten a rhythm going so, before going any lower, freshen yourself up. Remember, just about everything makes you pee these days.

If oral activities below the equator take place, keep something in mind. You won't want to be on your back for long.

In only a few minutes, enough pressure will build in your abdomen to render you unconscious. Passing out is definitely not part of good foreplay.

Going slow and enjoying every moment is part of good foreplay and good sex.

So What About the Steamy Sex Part?

Taking the extra time and doing some simple, yet very romantic things, primes the pump for some steamy third-trimester sex.

But, in the interest of your safety, there are a few risk factors to discuss. Consult your OB-GYN if you have any of these before you have sex.

  • History of miscarriage or pre-term labor
  • Vaginal bleeding or cramps
  • Amniotic fluid leakage or water breaking
  • Incompetent cervix (the cervix opens prematurely, increasing the risk of miscarriage or pre-term labor)
  • Placenta previa (the placenta is in front of the cervix or in the lower part of the uterus, rather than at the top of the uterus)
  • Painful intercourse
  • Infection

If you're ready to have sex in the third trimester, the first thing we should talk about is the positions.

What worked in the first and second trimester won't necessarily work in the third. We already know you can't be on your back long. However, there are many other sex hacks (positions) that will produce some steamy third-trimester sex.

Try one or try all...


With both of you on your side in a C position, your partner enters from behind.

Side by Side

Lie on your sides, facing each other. Your leg will either be straight and to the side or bent at the knee when he slips his leg over yours. From there, he'll enter you on an angle.

This position is especially good for keeping your partner's weight off your belly.

Woman on Top

You're in charge of the pace...and the direction. You get to choose how steamy it gets.

Face him and grab the headboard for added stability. This also takes the weight off your belly.

Turn around into "reverse cowgirl" for more stimulation of your clitoris.

Edge of the Bed

Scoot down to the side or foot of the bed and place your feet on the floor.

Your partner can either stand or bend over you. Just avoid deep thrusts.

As a modification, try putting your legs up on his shoulders. Use a pillow under your back so you're not flat on the bed.


For traditional "doggy-style" get up on all fours as your partner enters from behind. Make sure he doesn't thrust too deeply.

For a different type of rear-entry, bend over a chair or sofa while standing and rest your arms on the edge. 

Remember to experiment, try all these positions and modify them. This will make them easier on your body and your sex all the more steamy.

A Big Benefit of Third Trimester Sex

Steamy third trimester sex can help you go into labor.

Having sex late in your pregnancy releases oxytocin. This prepares your cervix for labor. Not only that, but it triggers contractions.

Semen is also full of natural chemicals called prostaglandins that cause contractions and labor.

For the same reason third trimester sex is bad, if you have a history of pre-term labor, it's good if your baby is ready to say hello to the world.

You've got your sex hacks and a list of great new positions to try. All that's left to do is grab your man and get ready for some steamy third trimester love making!

If the exercise you get from following these sex hacks isn't enough, you can always learn some effective exercises for third trimester moms.