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32 Reasons Why Prenatal Exercise is so Important

Posted on October 01 2022

exercising while pregnant

Exercising while pregnant is not only beneficial to the mother, but the baby will reap the benefits as well. Physical exercise is generally ideal for staying fit and maintaining good health, but there are so many other advantages that pregnant women will see. Here are 32 benefits of exercising while pregnant:

  1. Labor and delivery could be easier. Women that participated in prenatal water aerobics were less likely to request pain medication during labor. Strong abs could also give you more stamina during the pushing stage.
  2. Exercise could relieve some gestational related issues. Routine aerobics could help women avoid muscle cramps, constipation, swelling, and varicose veins. 
  3. Enables bowel movement. Increased activity will promote digestive processes and help stop constipation. 
  4. Less likely to gain weight. Women that exercise during pregnancy may gain fewer pounds than if they were not exercising. 
  5. Your immune system could improve. Exercising lowers your risk of catching a cold or getting sick. 
  6. May improve the way you look. Exercising can increase the blood flow to your skin, giving you more of a glow!
  7. Children could end up being smarter. Research shows that children of mothers that exercised during pregnancy score higher on tests and are more intelligent. 
  8. Helps you sleep well. After each regular workout, your nerves will feel more relaxed and you will be able to snooze easier. 
  9. Experience less back pain. Many pregnant women experience back pain, but water workouts and yoga could offer relief. 
  10. Maintain good posture. Aerobics for 15-30 minutes a day will help your shape and posture, and it will help you beat obesity and overweight problems. 
  11. Exercise promotes a lower heart rate. Both the mom and the baby will see lower heart rates from routine workouts. This will also help the mother see a lower risk of heart disease.
  12. You will see more energy. Daily exercise will increase energy and revive your body. 
  13. Deliver a slimmer baby. Overweight newborns are at higher risk of becoming overweight in the coming years, but exercising could help the baby to be born slimmer. 
  14. Enhance your mood. Prenatal yoga is one of the best things you can do to prepare for a baby, and it could improve your mood and relax your mind.
  15. Manage stress easier. Pregnant women often find themselves stressed and worried, but the exercise could relieve some stress and anxiety. Who wouldn't want to be more excited and happy during pregnancy?
  16. More flexible than ever. Prenatal yoga could lead to flexibility that you have never experienced before. 
  17. Prevents depression and anxiety. Daily exercises could reduce the amount of depression and anxiety that you feel during pregnancy.
  18. More likely to avoid a C-section or forceps delivery. Women that regularly exercise are less likely to have a C-section or forceps delivery. 
  19. Stay in better shape longer. Women that exercised during pregnancy are more likely to be more fit and healthier later in their life as well.
  20. You feel more in control. The consistent exercises will help you feel like you are doing something productive and will help you feel more in control. 
  21. Prevents cardiovascular diseases in babies. Exercising can strengthen the heart of the baby and help prevent against diseases. 
  22. Quicker recovery after childbirth. Your body will be more prepared for a normal lifestyle after pregnancy when regular exercises have been performed. 
  23. Lower risk of having a premature birth. Exercising can help prevent premature births.
  24. The attention you receive will be positive. Everyone loves to see a pregnant woman that is happy and active, and that can also give you a little boost of confidence!
  25. You could meet other moms doing the same thing. Exercise class for expecting mothers could be a great place to meet a new friend. 
  26. Less leg swelling. Exercise can limit the amount of swelling that you see during pregnancy. 
  27. Less likely to experience morning sickness. Many pregnant women feel less nausea after working out. 
  28. More confidence and a sense of accomplishment. A good exercise will make anyone feel more accomplished and confident!
  29. Children may be more athletic. Children born from women that workout during pregnancy are more likely to participate in sports later in life. 
  30. Be more chill and relaxed. Yoga can help future moms relax and stay calmer during uncomfortable times of pregnancy. 
  31. Feel good about your body image. Exercise helps everyone feel better, but it also may help you feel like a hot mama! 
  32. Experience new exercises. You could try new exercises during pregnancy that you may not have thought to try before being pregnant. 

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits for the mother and baby, and these are just a few of them. If you would like more information on exercising while pregnant or any other information for new mothers, contact us today. We have many other blogs with topics on breastfeeding tips, fitness tips, and lactation recipes, and we also have an online store stocked with items for new mothers.