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Nail Changes during Pregnancy

Posted on January 29 2018

What Happens to your Nails during Pregnancy

While pregnancy can come with ugly side effects, there are remarkable beautiful effects during this time as well! If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll find your nails growing faster and stronger.  For some, pregnancy could also come with nail brittleness, groves, or even separation from the nail bed in rarer occasions (called onycholysis).  Read our tips on how to make your nails the best they can be during pregnancy and into postpartum. 



Don't worry if you notice these changes happening as there are things you can do to keep those lovely hands looking youthful and pretty with hard and strong nails.

Eat Right:

Regardless of being preggo or not, your nails are a big sign of your inner health.


Eating a rainbow of foods not only helps deliver essential nutrients to your baby, but delivers vitamins needed to keep your cuticles soft, nail moons shining, and your nail length growing.


Foods rich in biotin are especially excellent nail strengtheners and safe during pregnancy.  Eggs are an egg-cellent source of biotin, aka B complex vitamins!  You'll love eggs myriad benefits.  From making your skin and nails look beautiful, they are a great brain building booster for your growing unborn baby.  Eggs are an easy and nutrient dense source of protein and very simple to snack on anytime of the day.

For the perfect edible egg that isn't hard boiled to oblivion...boil water and when the water is rubbling hard, drop your egg(s)  in for just 8 minutes (set a timer) and then rinse with a ice cold bath.  This cooks the egg through, but still leaves the yolk soft enough to taste the rich flavor.  Make sure you use vegetarian fed, free/pasture raised, organic eggs.  They cost more, but it's worth it.  

Other foods good for your nails and extremely good for the baby are almonds, avocado, and wild salmon.  These are all biotin rich and will definitely be some of the healthiest superfoods you can have during this important time.  


No No's:


Not only should eating well be at the top of your list for healthy nails and hair, but you should implement NOT doing some things that may be wreaking havoc on those precious nails.

  • -Biting and picking nails is at the top of the no no list.  While many may have this habit from way back in the day, the time is now to stop.  
  • -Chemicals and acrylics.  Some polishes and nail products are laden with acetone and formaldehyde.  Ask your nail salon if they offer organic nails (yes there are organic nail salons) or if they have products that are "natural" based and safe during pregnancy.  The smelly and chemical filled process of putting acrylics alone is enough to go au natural for a while.   You may find that going bare gives your nails a chance to breathe and get back to their healthy natural state.  
Style Hack: Ask for a "BUFF".  This is a perfect natural way to make your nails super duper shiny, clean looking, and lasts for weeks. No polish involved.

More Tips for those tips:

  • -Moisturize.  As you slather your DIY belly butter or shea butter on your belly, do your hands and nails too.  This helps keep nails and cuticles soft.
  • -If you must, push cuticles back gently.  If you are not gentle on your cuticles you will damage the nail coming through.
  • -File in one direction.  This prevents breakage and rough patches.
  • -Wear gloves.  Disposable latex food gloves are easy to buy online and will save your hands and nails from dryness and damage.  Use when preparing meats, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.   It's sanitary as well.

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