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How to Wear and Rock the Best Baby Wearing Wraps

Posted on April 05 2017

How to Rock Babywearing while Breastfeeding

Are you finally ready for an alternative to that trusty stroller?

Before you hoist that baby up on your hip, let's talk about why the best baby wearing wraps are more your style. 

There are a lot of fashionable baby wrap styles that blend perfectly with your lifestyle, but what you may not know is that babywearing has major health benefits as well. 

The Benefits of Babywearing

According to several studies cited by Babywearing International, baby wraps can have the following physical and mental health benefits for your child:

  • Using the best baby wearing wraps for at least three hours per day can decrease your baby's crying by 43%. 
  • Babywearing has been shown to specifically reduce nighttime crying by as much as 54%!
  • Baby wraps help premature babies and newborns better adjust to life outside of the womb by staying in-sync with their mother's heartbeat, breathing, and other movements. 
  • Babywearing improves the bonding process between parent and child. The same goes for grandparents, nannies, or any other close family friend or relative who cares for your child. 

Now that you know a little about the science behind the babywearing phenomena, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about how to make awesome baby wraps for your on-the-go life. 

How To Fold and Wrap Your Babywearing Fabric

Time for some baby wrap origami. 

As you grow into a babywearing wrap master, you'll learn that there are a few ways to wrap your fabric. However, if you're a newbie, the best baby wearing wraps method to learn is the "Front Wrap Cross."

Here's how to do it:

  • First, find the center of your fabric and wrap it in front of your stomach and hold it there. It's important to keep your fabric even during the process. 
  • While holding the fabric in place, take the other side of your fabric and hoist it up and over your left shoulder. 
  • Then, take the other side, which is the fabric you're holding in place, and hoist that up and over your right shoulder. Now, you should have made a criss-cross with your fabric across your back. 
  • Both ends of your fabric should be hanging down in front of your shoulders. Think of these as "straps." 
  • The fabric across your stomach will serve as a "pocket" for your baby to nestle in. 
  • Gently place your baby in the "pocket" and tighten your fabric straps to secure your child in place. 
  • Last but not least, bring your straps down to the side of your baby and criss-cross them under your child's bottom to secure them. 

As you wrap, make sure your fabric lays flat on your back. Twisted back straps will cause even the best baby wearing wraps to loosen. 

The more you wrap, the more confident you'll become in your skills. Once you master that front carry, you may want to learn how to master the back carry wrap as well. 

As your baby gets a little older, you'll eventually want to move toward a "hip carry" wrap style or another style that allows you to comfortably transport a heavier toddler. 

Choose The Right Fabric For Your Wrap

Now, for the fun part. You're going to learn how to choose the right fabric for your baby wraps. 

Not any fabric will do for a babywearing wrap, though. 

Look for the following when choosing your wrapping fabric:

  • 100% cotton
  • Natural fibers
  • Linen for Summer wraps
  • Natural bamboo fibers
  • Hemp
  • Soft silk
  • Muslin
  • Wool for wintertime
  • Eco-friendly or sustainable fabrics
  • High-quality jersey knit for stretchy wraps
  • Osnaburg for woven wraps

It's important for you and your baby to feel comfortable and not overheat. Many of these natural fabrics are already breathable, but you can also find more "breathable" fabrics at your local fabric store as well. 

How To Get Stylish With Your Wrap

The best baby wearing wraps look so gosh darn cute, right?

That's because moms aren't afraid to incorporate their baby wraps into their own personal style. 

Style is one of the guilty pleasures of the babywearing craze, as you're pretty limited (aesthetic wise) with just a basic baby Bjorn. 

These are some of our favorite baby wrap styles trending right now:

  • Plaids and flannels for winter
  • Colorful woven wraps with Indian motifs
  • Paisley woven, all color palettes 
  • Simple, cream-colored muslin
  • Gradient dyed fabrics
  • Rainbow woven wraps

With all the colors available in Bun Maternity nursing tops, you will easily create a fashion statement with a corresponding baby wearing wrap matching color! 

Wrap It Up: Final Thoughts on Babywearing

You're about good to go, but not without a few important safety tips to keep in mind. 

Babywearing is definitely convenient, but don't get too comfortable. While babywearing, you'll want to avoid bike riding, hiking, running, jogging, and don't be caught driving your car. 

Your baby should also be positioned with their head and chin up so they can breathe and see easily. Don't position your baby too low in the pocket of your wrap or cover their face when pressed tightly against your body. 

Learn more about breastfeeding and baby wearing here. 

Stock up on savvy nursing tee shirts and nursing hoodies while babywearing so you can continue breastfeeding with more ease. 

With these safety and wrap tips on-hand, you're well on your way to mastering the art of the best baby wearing wraps. 

What are you waiting for? It's time to go shopping for cool and comfy wraps every new mom will love.