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How to Find the Best Tops for Breastfeeding

Posted on December 20 2017

How to Choose the Best Nursing Clothes for Breastfeeding

Looking chic whilst breastfeeding can be a challenge, but there are ways to look good when feeding your little one. Clothes that are stylish and practical are easier to find than you think.

Especially these days, when athleisure and casual is totally the look to have, it's the perfect opportunity to make your mom uniform fit right in the crowd without having to scream "Hey everyone! I'm wearing nursing clothes!".  

Check out our easy tips, seriously, these are easy looks to replicate.  Read on for how to find the best tops for breastfeeding moms.

Buy the Basics

Nursing wear doesn't need ruffles, trims, and a dressy silhouette to disguise nursing function.  Breastfeeding is not the time to dress like you are heading to the nightclub, or a work meeting either. In fact, we aren't as down for "dressier" nursing wear because then you need the hair and makeup to really make it look good. 

It just doesn't and shouldn't be complicated.  It doesn't need to feel like you're "just dealing" with what you have either.  Like you're just forced to wear the same tight cami and zip up because that's all that works for you when you're nursing. 

So first, get a comfortable well fitting nursing bra which is vital for any maternity wardrobe. Like a sports bra or sports bra like nursing bra (go for comfort, comfort, comfort).  Hint: Do get a professional bra specialist fitting so you have the correct size and level of support.

Then, check out nursing shirts, tanks, and hoodies that are completely basic.  Choose black, gray, white, navy, and if it comes in novelty hues then grab a few of those too.  Use cool athletic sneakers, a nice oversized bag, and find easy layering pieces to make these tops work for you and last for many wearings.  Basic is better.  

You're Instagram pics will be very "cool mom mode" once you get down to easy clothing that doesn't have the fuss. 

Mom wearing Blue Bun Maternity Cozy Nursing Hoodie


Layer your Clothes

We've said this a bunch of times.  Layering is the key to looking good when breastfeeding. Let's be's hot and cold and hot and cold being a mom too!  Layers allow flexibility in your outfit to suit your current body temp.  

Check out the nursing tank tops or singlets which have panels and press studs for easy access whilst keeping you covered.

These can be layered with a shirt or cardigan and look chic. The best part if that you can use these tanks for days and just change up the layers.

If you are not quite ready to show your post baby tummy a cardigan or poncho is helpful at covering the bump. Try this cozy up nursing poncho as a cover up.


Go for Comfort

Use fabrics which are soft, supportive, and above all are washable. Tops that are slightly loose work well as breastfeeding clothes, especially if they are front fastening and accessed easily. A top that covers the hip will also cover your tummy.

Don't be afraid to wear tanks either.  Go for these ribbed tanks that have the right amount of thickness to lay really well against the skin and not look all clingy.

The Bun nursing hoodies with a nursing panel are very practical for breastfeeding and if it's a super cold day you can still wear a jacket over it.

Don't wear anything too delicate as you'll need to be able to throw stained tops in the washing machine regularly thanks to those baby burps, but do try to hang dry your tops so the fabric last longer.

Navy Blue Bun relaxed Daily Nursing Hoodie

This Relax Daily Nursing Hoodie goes from bump to baby and it's soooo comfy! It's loose fit is perfect for postpartum recovery time and staying cozy.


Get the Shape Right

Avoid shapeless baggy clothes whilst breastfeeding as they will make you look larger and will not flatter you at all. Tight fitting clothes particularly when combined with belts do not look good either. Breastfeeding mums tend to sweat more so try a flowy top but something designed for style like these side nursing access tops.  

The scoop neck on the wide strap ribbed tank tops and on the low neck swing tank are also flattering as well as practical. It's not tight at the waist, but shows just the right amount of the chest to make this sexy cute.

Empire maxis that slightly drape also look good and flatter at the same time.  Try something like that with really cool shoes, hat, and accessories so you don't look frumpy.

Bun Maternity Casual Cross top Nursing Maxi Dress 

Go for Stripes or Color

Patterned tops are great for nursing moms. Apart from looking good they also hide stains. Alternatively, a striped scarf with a plain top is another chic look for new moms. Pencil striped nursing tanks also add camouflage and don't widen your waistline because the stripes are tiny.  Avoid wearing black all the time and go for some color in your maternity wardrobe. Color lifts the mood and will brighten up an outfit. Check out the color range in these tanks.

Wide Strap Coral Ribbed Nursing Tank Top

There are some beautiful nursing tops out there designed to make you look your best and enable baby to feed contentedly. A happy mama is a happy baby!

Remember to think about if you can use the tops in a variety of ways and looks. If they are movable and easy to wear, care for, and if they go with yoga pants and sneakers so you can run around like the busy mom you are!

Start planning your wardrobe today, and if it helps boost your confidence when nursing in public then the better!