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Four Effective Workout Tips and Music for Running to keep Pregnant and Fit

Posted on August 18 2016

 Exercising in Hermosa Beach bike path and Fit Tips Outdoors

 Let’s be real…the last thing most of us want to do when we find out we are pregnant is throw on some gym clothes and get our cardio on. I know I didn’t. I wanted to sleep most of the 1st trimester and that I did.

As soon as I arrived at the 2nd trimester I woke up and decided that I wanted to stay in shape during my pregnancy so that I would struggle less during the recovery stage.  

Not only will exercise during pregnancy help you through labor, delivery, and recovery, you are supplying your baby with the much needed oxygen to grow strong and healthy.  The hard truth is that giving birth causes trauma to the body, and the stronger you are then possibly the better off you may be in the experience and healing process.

The women that are participating in cross fit during pregnancy have my full respect!!!  They get a lot of shade from other moms and people in general, but we know that you know your body and if your care provider gives you the go, get your cross fit on! We are all about continuing to do what you love and doing it safely. 

Me…my goal was to keep my weight gain under control, avoid medication for "the GD" aka gestational diabetes, and have plenty of energy during my pregnancy so I could continue to enjoy my favorite activities.  

Let’s talk about some things outside of the gym that can help you stay active and keep you entertained!  


  • Hiking! Look up hiking trails in your area and go exploring.  This was one of my favorites, lots of photo opportunities for you and your growing bump.  Time will pass without even realizing it!

Pack some sandwiches, fruit, and plenty of water. You really can’t beat fresh air and beautiful scenery for a work out session.  This releases endorphins and reduces cortisol...a stress caused fat maker!

Temescal Canyon and other Los Angeles Trails offer easy to challenging hikes with gorgeous summit views.

Don't have hiking trails? Do Urban Hiking. Yes I said that!  Cities are filled with hills and paths to take long walks and break a sweat. These are our favorite urban hikes in Los Angeles here.


    • Beaches, our favorite. 

    If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, this is by far one of the best work out scenes.  Start out at one end of the beach, picking up sea shells until you reach the opposite end, and back to your starting point.  Before you know it, you will have walked at least a couple of miles and won’t feel like you want to die. (I also collect trash on my walks because I love to help keep our ocean healthy).  If you don't have the beach then find a gorgeous park, woodland, or lake scene.

    Don't wanna walk?  Well then grab your bike, trike, or Nihola and take a cruise! Make it a long one. If you are in California visiting Santa Monica you can bike to Malibu or go North to Marina Del Rey along the Venice beach bike path.  You could also start in Manhattan Beach and cruise on all the way to Redondo Beach Pier.


      • Okay, last resort, the actual gym. What I love about the gym is all the crazy looks you get when you enter, like we aren’t supposed to be there since we are bearing child. Commit to a schedule, whether it be everyday or every other day, and stick to it.

      If you have knee issues the elliptical is a great option (provided your doc gives you the ok) and try to do intervals.  Intervals of high intensity burst create fat burning effects and fast results.  The longer you stick to it the more results you will see and you will begin to notice the difference in your mood and energy level. Just after a few weeks, there was no way I could skip a day without feeling like crap.   


        • Another element to add to help you stay active and consistent...MUSIC. Make the ultimate preggo playlist to keep you pumped while working on your fitness.  This is huge.  It's amazing what upbeat music will do for your workout and there are so many options like the I Heart Radio app if you don't have a play list.  

        Here's a playlist that is short and sweet for a heart pumping quick workout - 

        Quick 20 minute Workout HIIT Music Playlist for Running or Fast Workouts

        Exercise alone won’t do the trick. Period.  Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water! Be sure to speak with your care provider and get your activities and work out routines approved. 

        Each of our bodies and pregnancies are different, better safe than sorry.

        Always remember, a healthy mom equals a healthy baby, and sometimes Dad will jump on the healthy train with you.


        Article written by: Live Well Mama

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