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Super Easy DIY Recipe for Milk Boosting Superfood Chia Seed with Almond Yogurt

Chia Seeds are packed with omega 3's, protein, and amino acids.  They can be sprinkled on anything or added in any drinks.  If you haven't discovered them yet, well here's your chance.

Yogurt, and we've chosen almond yogurt here, is also vitamin and nutrient dense.

The combination of chia seeds and yogurt is a filling, healthy, and delicious snack that you've got to try.  It will help calm some of those cravings for "dairy like" and fatty rich snacks when in fact those are what you have to try to stay away from.  We do love dairy though, so if you choose dairy, try greek yogurt (the zero fat is still fantasticaly creamy) or organic sheep's milk yogurt for some of the healthiest choices. 

The magic about this little, but big taste snack, is that it's so simple to make!  

We've cheated because we are going to use store bought ingredients, but the fact of the matter is, is that we don't have time and the quicker in reach the better.  So that's why is sooooo DIY easy peesy mama!

Milk Boosting Super Easy DIY Recipe with Yogurt and Chia Seeds

Go grab your favorite yogurt(s).  Almond or Coconut Milk yogurt is especially healthy because almonds are especially known to be great galactagogues. Galactagogues are foods and herbs believed to aid in increasing a mother's milk supply.

Side note: we did some Almond Yogurt tasting and they are NOT all the same! Some taste horrible.  We won't mention which ones.  Some are just gotta try and taste to see what is going to work, but if you don't get one you like then this snack is no longer as fun and awesome and your taste buds will soon regret it.  The "low fat" version was our least favorite of all.  Go figure haha!  For this time we used Kite Hill artisan yogurt and it was indeed so worth it!

Then grab your chia seeds.  Use organic chia seeds, white or black are all good.  Organic is best when it comes to items like nuts and yogurts, as well as many produce items.  Your system will love you for it and the taste will be full-flavored.

Superfood for Nursing Moms: Nutiva Chia Seeds are packed with protein and Omega 3's
 Here we are using Nutiva black Chia Seeds.  You'll want to find high quality seeds for the most nutrient dense product.


Now here it goes.

  1. take your yogurt
  2. add a tablespoon of chia seeds
  3. mix it up 
  4. wait ten minutes

The chia seeds will gelatinize on the outside adding fullness to your yogurt and the flavor combined with the very mildly nutty seeds will be the perfect anytime snack.

Try this combo with any mix of yogurts and add more goodies like banana slices, granola (obesessed with Nature's Path), raw honey, or other fruit bits.  Go for pudding to make a dessert when that sweet tooth hits!


*The links to recommendations are just things we like. Purely love and non-sponsored!

Oh and hey...always ask the doc before you start chomping on some of these foods that may be new to you or if you have any questions and concerns as always.