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The Essential Gift Guide for the New "Mom-to-Be"

Posted on March 08 2018

Your very best friend -- or sister, niece, co-worker, etc. -- has just announced that she's pregnant and your first thought is that you'd really like to give her a gift that's both unique and useful! When it's time for her baby shower, she'll get lots of things for her new baby, but it would be extra-thoughtful to get her something that's especially for her in the meantime! Here are several nifty possibilities to consider ...

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Prenatal Massage or Salon Gift Certificate

Aches and pains are part of a normal pregnancy, which is why she'll really appreciate an occasional prenatal massage to soothe a sore back and aching legs and feet.  Ensure if you are thinking of getting this, splurge on a place that has top notch qualified massage therapists.  The wrong place can cause harm to mom or baby (there are many no no pressure points they should be aware of) so be sure to do your research on the best places in her area. If you are unsure, opt for a manicure pedicure at her fave salon, or a Dry Bar blowout. 


Bun Maternity/Nursing Hoodie

When you're pregnant, comfort is foremost in your mind. Bun Maternity offers adorable -- and on-trend -- hoodies that she'll wear all through her pregnancy and nursing months. The game changer is that these styles even look good when she is done with her nursing days!  Ditto for an array of colorful tank tops (in both classic and "swing" styles) that feel soft and comfy and are nursing-ready! And be sure to check out Bun Maternity's Relaxed hoodies. (She'll want to live in them!).  Gift cards are perfect if you don't know her size. 

Tip: If you want to step it up another notch, and you know she's planning to nurse, check out our Breastfeeding Gift Basket idea. 


Bun Maternity Cozy Hoodies stay stylish and smart for pregnany, nursing, and well beyond. Click the image to see more.


A Monthly Beauty Package

A subscription to a service like Birchbox ($10 a month) can provide something to look forward to each month of her pregnancy and will be perfect for a time when her beauty routine -- among other things -- is likely to undergo some changes.


Foot-Pampering Slippers

Carrying around all that extra weight can be tough on a mom-to-be's feet. Why not gift her with some soft, high quality, stylish slippers to provide comfort throughout her pregnancy? Ugg has some comfy and fashionable styles like their Coquette and Pom Pom slip-on styles. They're super-cute and offer a little support too.  She will probably be using these for a very long time. 


Help Her Communicate With Her Baby

Beginning at 20 weeks, a developing baby can hear sounds, and by the third trimester, her hearing is well-developed, so why not help the new mom-to-be communicate via a recorded message or soothing music using BellyBuds speakers, designed just for this purpose?


Maternity Photo 3-Session Package

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life! Why not help her to document her growing belly with a series of professional pregnancy photo shoots. Book three shoots that show her at various points in her pregnancy. This is a keepsake gift that Mom, Dad, and growing child can enjoy looking at again and again throughout the years.  The frame worthy pictures will offer endless years of memories, and she'll be thanking you each time she looks at them.


Get Her an Unexpected Book About Motherhood

Chances are, she's already reading about how to care for her new baby on all the baby apps like What to Expect, Babycenter, and The Bump, but why not inspire her with a beautiful book about motherhood itself? Especially during the third trimester she will be resting more and more so a book will come in handy.  Real Simple recommends Waiting for Birdie by Catherine Newman, a touching and funny read about a mother's first years with her child. Another of their recommendations is Bloom, which was a New York Times Best Seller, and is touted as both a beautiful and inspiring story about motherhood.  


A Grocery Delivery Service

Umm yes sign me up!  This one of our favorites.  As the big day draws near, she's probably not going to feel much like grocery shopping, and she'll feel even less inclined once the new baby's at home.  A grocery delivery service timed to coincide with the last few weeks of her pregnancy or the first few weeks of new motherhood will be a gift she'll really appreciate. (Instacart, Peapod, and Amazon Prime and Fresh are a few good ones to consider.) . She can get all that she needs without leaving her couch!


Help Her Show Her Skin Some Love

As her belly grows, her skin can become tight and itchy. Some great products to combat those problems? Mum Bub products by Aden & Anais are all natural, soothing, ultra-moisturizing and gentle on stressed skin.  100% Shea Butter always is a good go to because she will be using it long after baby arrives and it is completely natural as well as extremely effective. 

Tip: Step it up a notch and make her a DIY Homemade Belly and Boobie Butter. She will be wowed by the thought and how delicious your concoction is! 


She's sure to appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to help make her pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! But making her feel special, pampered and supported is your ultimate reward!