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Nursing in Public Tips and Your Breastfeeding Rights

Posted on October 28 2015

Nursing in Public Tips and Your Breastfeeding Rights

We're into anything helpful to make new moms more comfortable while breastfeeding. Nursing in public, especially, can be intimidating for many.  

It still is, unfortunately, a "thing" that gets talked about.  There are groups dedicated to the cause.  The "normalize breastfeeding" slogan is used so much in brelfie hashtags that there really isn't normalcy yet.  

We CAN change that.  

Society loves to follow the leader so basically the more that NIP gets hip...then we're on the right track to it being just as simply basic, necessary, and expected as it was lightyears ago.

Here's just a few of some of our favorite tips to make this bonding experience as joyful as it should be and more inspirational to some that may need it. 

A few points we love and in no particular order:

  • choose clothes you feel comfy in like our easy side access nursing sweaters  - if your clothes are working for you and you feel cute too then that is a major plus!!  It's going to help make your jump into this journey much easier and you may even want to show off that nursing style!
  • start practicing at home - take the time to wean into the comfort of feeding baby around other friends and family in a place you are naturally relaxed in.
  • when you are ready find a private spot to start your nip journey - start slow and grab a seat at a park bench like this mama here in Santa Monica, if you're local, or in a small cafe.  Try at your mommy group meet up for some needed support.
  • stay out of the bathroom stall! - don't do this one if by all means possible.  You shouldn't have to feel like this is an option, ever.
  • breathe, relax, and think good positive thoughts - baby can feel you and read your energy. This is for them so block out the noise and get in tune with the music of you and your sweet child.
  • keep up the good work and knowing all the benefits your child is gaining - the antibodies, the nourishment and vitamins that are unmistakenly valuable...way to go mama!  Whether you are nursing, pumping, and no matter how is something to feel very good about.
  • SMILE, and if someone is staring just smile back at them!

Also KNOW your rights.  Breastfeeding is legal. Print this out or find yours online in your State if needed.

California's law Right to Breastfeed in Public

Please DO share your breastfeeding experience with us too! Join our IG @bun_maternity and use #bunmaternity so we can share your pics if you like and keep on going mamas!  

The more that moms nurse in public the more awareness and normalizing of having to breastfeed anywhere and anytime will occur.   Nobody said it would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it.