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5 Tips for Cloth Diaper Moms

Posted on October 01 2022

Moms who want to give their kids everything that is eco-friendly and natural do things like breastfeed and make their own baby food. Increasingly, more parents are turning to cloth diapers for the same reasons. However, using them is a bit different than disposables. These cloth diaper tips will demystify the earth-friendly way to keep your baby's bottom happy until they are diaper free.

1. Get a Container With a Lid

Cloth diapers can sit around for a few days before you wash them. If there is anything smelly on them, you don't want them to be mixed in with your usual laundry. Parents will want to have a separate laundry container made of a solid material with a lid to keep any yucky smells inside.

2. Baby Powder Is Your Friend

Baby powder has fallen out of fashion with disposable diapers, partially due to some controversial health claims about the product. Now parents tend to use diaper creams instead. However, petroleum-based creams can cause stains on your cloth diapers, and they may make them less absorbent since they will be absorbing a bit of the cream. Baby powder is the original friend to your baby's backside, and there are some modern all-natural and organic choices that can put any health concerns at bay, in addition to a few petroleum-free creams to use when your little one has a rash.

3. You Can Use Cloth Wipes Too

You have gone through a lot of trouble to have eco-friendly diapers, so why would you use disposable wipes? Cloth wipes are easy to make. Just cut up some flannel or another soft cloth, and keep a spray bottle with water near your changing station. You can wash these cloths with your diapers, easy as pie.

4. Cloth Diaper Travel Is Easier Than You Think

Many cloth diaper moms use disposables when out of the house. It sure is convenient but it's not absolutely necessary. What you'll need is a "wet bag" that is washable, as well as non-permeable, for containing all of baby's stinky messes. Just dump anything extra in the toilet when you're out, and put the cloth diaper in your wet bag. When you're heading out the door, throw that in your bag with a few extra diapers, a cover and an extra nursing tank in case of any messes!

5. Choose Detergent Wisely

Cloth diaper parents put a lot into making healthy choices for their kids. This same level of effort should go into choosing which detergent you're going to use for the diapers. There are special detergents formulated specifically for cloth diapers to keep your baby happy and healthy, and your diapers as absorbent as possible.