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3 Classic Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

Posted on August 22 2016

 Three Classic Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms on the Bun Maternity Blog

There are many breastfeeding positions that you may or may not like. The one that feels the best for you and baby, and positions the baby for a proper latch in which the nipple is far back and to the roof of the mouth of the baby, will ultimately be the favorite choice for you. 

In addition to finding your perfect breastfeeding positions and trying out the many ways to find which ones you like the most, there are other tools out there to assist you in your nursing journey such as pillows and props as needed.

Finding a IBCLC , aka International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, may also become an integral and necessary element to honing in on this aspect of nurturing and nourishing your little love to ensure a longer future of nursing with more comfort and ease.  It's been heard by many moms before, "I thought I knew what I was doing and did all the research and reading, but then this wasn't easy".  You're doing an amazing job mama...but if need be, reaching out to some professional lactation consultants may just be the added boost you needed to get in tune with this sometimes unexpectedly arduous area.  Pump Station in Santa Monica is our highly recommended IBCLC resource if you are a local mom or mom to be.

There are a few common positions to experiment with to make breastfeeding work for you.


 Is your Baby Latched? Cradle Hold: Three classic Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

This is a classic position.  Hold the baby in the crook of your arm and support the baby's head and body in a straight line with your arm, and a pillow underneath if needed. 



 Is your Baby Latched? Football Hold: Three classic Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

This one has a great name! We love it because it's pretty much what it sounds like. This position may be better for large breasts or if you had a C-Section and need relief of anything sitting on your stomach area.  Hold baby's head and rest his/her back on your forearm. The feet are now facing to the back of you.  A low arm chair or boppy may be useful to add support.  Holding your breast with a C shape in your other hand may add more support as well.



Is your Baby Latched? Laid Back Side Lying Hold: Three classic Breastfeeding Positions for New Moms

Take a restful and more laid back approach by laying on your side.  Place a pillow under your head.  Have another pillow behind your back.  Lay baby to the side of you with your nipple aligned with the baby's nose. Make sure the baby's bottom and feet are pulled in close to you and his body in a straighter line.  A small pillow on the backside of baby may help the baby from rolling out away from the breast. 


There are many more laid back breastfeeding positions to try and resources to check if your baby is latched on properly, so keep at it and you will soon find the ones you like the most.