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The recovery of mom and baby is a total major change for both! The idea of looking Instagram ready is not real, but you can be perfect as you are and show off how you do mom-life in some cool and comfy clothes. ...and nothing is quite more perfect in all its' realness than that. 

Get into your groove with a bit of preparedness with everyday style. These garments can be worn well beyond nursing days and are intended for long term mom-uniform wearing.

This ultimate BUNdle is 11 awesome pieces

The purpose:

  1. Enhances skin to skin time
  2. Breastfeeding or easy pumping access where ever you may be
  3. Overall comfort for diaper changes, tummy time, couch time, and more. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn't take up your precious time
  4. Do babywearing and nursing easily
  5. Feel easy-going about nursing in public and possibly elongate the duration of your nursing journey. 

Enjoy the CUSTOM MONOGRAM Option! Pick Your Letter for Printing.

What's in it:

  1. CUSTOMIZE IT! Pick Your Letter - 100% ORGANIC Cotton Reusable Market Bag
  2. Stay Hydrated! Borosilicate Glass Reusable Bottle
  3. Relaxed Nursing Hoodie
  4. Cozy Nursing Hoodie
  5. Flowy Nursing Tank Top
  6. Mommy & Me Set - 'BLESSED MAMA' Pullover 
  7. Organic 'MAMA's BLESSING' Onesie
  8. Organic top-knot Baby Hat
  9. Fold Over Elastic Free Recovery Leggings (super brushed softness)
  10. All Day Ribbed Side Nursing Tank
  11. seamless sleep bra (one size fits most)


This is customizable! Select your letter monogram exactly as you wish for it to appear. This bundle is only good for exchange of the non-customized items because it is personalized just for you.


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