Mom Uniform Capsule

This is the complete starter kit and introduces you to Bun mamas' all-time favorites that are essential for your very busy life in which you do a lot of feeding, bending, holding, sitting, changing, and basically, errrrything (yea, moms are superhuman, we know).

This capsule has mom style that is easy enough to wear during maternity, pack some items in your birth bag, and also work through the first several months of the 4rth trimester whether you are formula, breast, or pumped-milk feeding your child. 


  1. skin to skin or nursing
  2. loose postpartum recovery fit
  3. looks good with all athleisure pants 
  4. perfect for the moving around, holding, sitting, and the not sleeping you will be doing
  5. easy to wash 
  6. perfect for stay at home days, or outings with your babe
  7. lounge-y and superb relax mode comfort