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Three Simple Reasons why the Korean Spa is the Secret to Youthful Skin

Posted on August 02 2016

Three Simple Reasons why the Korean Spa is the Secret to Youthful Skin


Korean Spa secrets for beautiful wrinkle free skin

image: "Salt Room" at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles

Buck naked, butterfly legs, butt in the air…

not exactly the picture of a soothing spa experience you had in mind?

 Welcome to the Korean Spa aka jjimjilbang. This is Hollywood’s and the most beautiful celebrities best kept secret and yet not secret at all to the young, middle, and old of Koreans. Allow me to explain.

 You thought giving birth was the last time someone would be that involved with seeing you so bare and vulnerable. Don’t worry honey it’s soooo normal. Not even awkward...unless you think it is. You will soon get over it when you see that every woman in there is a different shape, color, age.  Back to our roots in the most bare and au natural state.  All necked.  No biggie.

....and what do you do at the spa? You get your skin - in - shape.

THE LOWDOWN:  A lady is going to scrub you till all that alligator skin comes off. Seriously. And if you thought your skin was extremely moisturized, she will find alllll the dry patches.

Nowadays it’s becoming more popularized to get your gals and go to the K spa for some relaxation and, wait for it.... . . . . . “THE BUFF”

  1. The BUFF. This is the main “treatment”. If you haven’t done it, it’s gonna kinda hurt but so worth every minute of the hour treatment.  The “seshin”, woman that scrubs you, and she’s wearing black bra and underwear, is going to scrub the heck outta your whole body in such a technical and specific manner that every inch of you will be like revealing a new skin you never knew you had.

 She’s going to use a loofah-ish fabric hand “glove” rag and it’s sandpaper-ish like texture is about to make miracles on your skin.

As you lay on a plastic table she'll douse you in water and a special oil and get at it, making sure your body scrub misses no inches.

Your circulation is going to be ramped up and the cellular turnover that you are doing to your epidermis is healthy and needed. It’s a magical skin detox.


 korean spa scrubbing mitt

the bad a** scrub mitt that's going to take all that dry skin away

If you get a glimpse to lift your head and take a look at the table you are on, there should be little rolled up balls of dead skin everywhere. This is the most legit scrub you will EVER have. Hello smooth skin.


  1. Sweat and Release. You sweat. You release toxins. It’s a no brainer. Hey mama…don’t do this if you’re preggo. (consult your doctor please before going to a bathhouse that’s all about heat)

 There are several rooms in a common area that are sauna style temps. Each room has a theme like SALT, CLAY, CHARCOAL and ICE!…you see it’s so cool!! But instead really hot. Try to go in order of hottest to coldest.  You will get used to it without even realizing you are sweating buckets of toxic buildup!


  1. Love yourself. You’re at a bathhouse where everyone is out walking around in the buff and a stranger is going to contort you on a plastic table to “clean” you better than yo mama can.  It's a mentally and physically free-ing moment.

 While many cultures see this as extremely normal American society has some different views…let’s face it. Accept your beautiful self. Everyone is there for the same thing. Enjoy the truly beautifying and healthy experience.

So check out the K Spa to get your whole body skin makeover experience on. You’ll thank yourself and then you’ll be doing it soon again.

If you are in Los Angeles we love the Crystal Spa for a boutique smaller space experience and if you want a variety, food, and maybe it's a mom's night out try out the 24 hours Wi Spa.  

*Our mentions are purely things we like and non sponsored. Just love! 

 As mentioned, always ask your doctor before going to such a bathhouse where everything is about the heat. Thanks and stay safe!